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Jock Stein

A coalminer born in South Lanarkshire in 1922, John ‘Jock’ Stein, who played for Albion Rovers, Llanelli Town and Celtic; and managed Dunfermline Athletic, Hibernian, Celtic, Leeds and Scotland, is one of the most revered figures in Scottish football and Scottish popular culture.

A man with a reputation for delivering dreams and aspirations on behalf of the nation, Jock Stein earned world recognition as the first British football manager to win the prestigious European Cup when his Celtic side won the trophy, against the odds, in 1967. Appointed the manager of the Scottish national side in 1978, the passionate Scot wore his pride for his country as a badge of honour, devastating that same nation when he tragically died while managing Scotland, on the 10th September 1985 at Ninian Park in Cardiff, immediately following an international match against Wales that would lead to Scotland’s qualification to the World Cup finals in 1986.

Broadcast on free-to-air television, this landmark film for BBC ALBA will tell the unique story of Jock Stein, the man, the footballer and the manager; a working class miner who never forgot his roots, the importance of family, and, in using his talents as a master in understanding both people and the art of football, drove his players and nation to unforgettable greatness.

Presented by football broadcaster Alex O’Henley, this is an inspirational and emotional biopic. And while this is very much a film that celebrates a Scottish football genius with legendary status, the focus will not be wholly on the game but on the history of the man, in a social context, providing an insight in how Jock Stein lived, his background in mining within a small Scottish community and how it shaped his life, the major elements that influenced him, and how he influenced others on a personal level.

Packed with archive footage, cine film, images and drama reconstruction, Jock Stein will himself feature as a character in the film, telling his own story at various junctures of his career via snippets recorded in the past.

Enhanced by archive footage of Jock as a player, and as a manager, as well as unseen cine-film of the Tartan Army, the film recites the unique story of one of Scottish popular cultures most revered national figures. His fairy-tale has a tragic ending and yet all the while delivers a beautiful, inspiring legacy.
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Jock Stein was broadcast for the first time on Monday 9 June at 9pm on BBC ALBA, with repeat transmissions on the following dates:
Tuesday 10 June 2014, 10pm, BBC ALBA
Saturday 14 June 2014, 8pm, BBC ALBA
Sunday 15 June 2014, 10pm, BBC ALBA

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Image of Jock Stein courtesy of the Scottish Football Museum

28 January 2014 17:15

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