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Third Lanark film in production

Third Lanark film in production

There was a time when hundreds of thousands of people were watching Third Lanark FC play at Cathkin Park on the south side of Glasgow on an annual basis. For many, it was the heart of the local community, a place where moments were shared, memories created, friendships cemented, even love affairs fuelled! In 1967 this League title and Scottish Cup winning club folded and the stadium, with its grandstands and terracing and bustling crowds, has been swallowed over the years by firstly vandals, and then nature.

However, Cathkin Park's edges still amplify echoes of an age to remember and its heart lives on in the stories and testimony that bring tears and laughter. Stories we want to share. We're therefore thrilled to be telling the remarkable story of Third Lanark in a new documentary film we are producing for BBC ALBA.

It's a powerful story and we'll share snippets of our production journey along the way!

The film will be narrated by broadcaster Alex O'Henley and produced, directed and written by Margot McCuaig.  It will be broadcast in early 2018.
Stay tuned...

18 October 2017 17:17

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