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Third Lanark film in production

Third Lanark film in production

A BRAND-NEW documentary, created by award winning filmmakers, purpleTV, will tell the remarkable story of how an iconic Scottish football club was allowed to collapse.

Third Lanark will reflect on the club’s illustrious history, a past that includes both Scottish Cup and League title success, as well as examining the five years of mismanagement under chairman Bill Hiddelston who had taken control of the “Hi Hi” in 1962. Former players and their relatives will relive the extraordinary demise of a club that at its peak attracted 40,000 fans to Cathkin Park.

The programme will air on BBC ALBA on Saturday 27 January, 50 years on from the sale of the land at Cathkin Park.

Featuring emotional interviews with former Third Lanark players, their families, and supporters of the club, the film is also supported by match action, including some rarely seen footage.

Crucially, the film also draws on evidence gathered from the Board of Trade enquiry, which concluded that the club was an ‘inefficient and unscrupulous one man-business’ in the years leading to its cataclysmic collapse.

Produced for BBC ALBA by award-winning production company purpleTV, Third Lanark is narrated by sport broadcaster Alex O’Henley and is produced and directed by Margot McCuaig.

The same team was responsible for the production of Jock Stein and Jim Baxter, the factual entertainment documentaries that won the Royal Television Society Scotland award for Best Sport Programme in consecutive years in 2015 and 2016. Their feature-length film, Jimmy Johnstone was nominated for a Celtic Media Bronze Torc for Excellence in 2017.

Margot McCuaig, purpleTV director, and the writer, producer and director of Third Lanark comments:

“Third Lanark Athletic Club has always fascinated me and it has been an honour to make this important film. The club had already gone out of existence before I was born but I have grown up listening to stories about Cathkin Park and I am struck by how deeply embedded its narrative is in social and popular culture, as well as footballing history.

“Given its success, the club was undoubtedly an institution, but above this, Third Lanark and its much-loved stadium at New Cathkin Park served so many functions; it was a meeting place for the community, a park where dreams were realised and magical moments celebrated and the scene of utter angst and loss when its gates were closed due to mismanagement just five years short of its centenary.

“It is a beautiful, yet tragic story, and its legacy lives on in the players, family and community who continue to respect its memory.

Third Lanark, produced by purpleTV, will air on Saturday 27 January at 9pm on BBC ALBA.

18 October 2017 17:17

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