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purpleTV Apps offers you a new way to see a city with your smartphone. From literary adventures to sporting locations, our apps help you discover key cultural attractions. Uncover the hidden gems of your hometown or take a whistle-stop tour of your favourite city when you're on the other side of the world. Be there from anywhere! 
BookCity Edinburgh was initially released under the name Edinburgh Book Trail and launched at Edinburgh International Book Festival 2013. The app, which includes exclusive author interviews and an interactive game, was named a Top 20 Guardian App and is also nominated for a Kieran Hegarty Award For Innovation at Celtic Media Festival 2014.

SportCity Glasgow is our latest app, which gives you access to the people and places that make Glasgow a great sporting city. You can watch video interviews with cup-winning footballers and Olympic medallists or test your sporting knowledge by taking the SportCity Challenge. You can also share your own memories on our digital noticeboard Your SportCity.  
BookCity Edinburgh and SportCity Glasgow are now available to download from Apple Store
Remember, you can enjoy our apps from all over the world. Be there from anywhere and visit our website www.purpletvapps.tv today to find out more. 
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